The Benefits of Getting an Explainer Video for Your Business

Oct 24, 2023


As a business owner in the arts & entertainment industry, you understand the importance of captivating your audience and standing out from the competition. In today's digital world, one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by incorporating an explainer video into your website. Hound-Studio, a leading video/film production company, specializes in creating compelling explainer videos that not only engage your target audience but also help you achieve your business goals.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, concise, and visually appealing video that explains a product, service, or concept to viewers. It combines succinct messaging with attractive visuals and animations to grab the attention of your website visitors and keep them engaged. By effectively communicating the value and benefits of your offerings, an explainer video can quickly convey your message and generate interest in your business.

The Power of Visual Communication

Humans are visual beings, and we process visual information faster than any other form of communication. This is where explainer videos excel. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, you can deliver your business message in an engaging and memorable way. Studies have shown that people retain information much better when it is presented visually, making explainer videos an ideal tool for conveying complex ideas in a simplified manner.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for Your Business

1. Increased Conversion Rates

Adding an explainer video to your website can significantly increase your conversion rates. By providing a clear and concise explanation of your product or service, you can help potential customers better understand what you offer and why they should choose your business over competitors. According to recent studies, websites with explainer videos have seen a 20% increase in conversion rates compared to those without videos.

2. Enhanced SEO & Google Rankings

When it comes to ranking higher on Google, having high-quality content is crucial. By incorporating an explainer video into your website, you not only provide valuable information to visitors but also improve your SEO efforts. Search engines love video content, and websites with videos are more likely to rank higher in search results. By optimizing your video with relevant keywords, such as "get a explainer video," you can further improve your website's visibility and organic traffic.

3. Improved Website Engagement

Studies have shown that website visitors are more likely to stay on a site longer if it contains videos. By capturing their attention with an engaging explainer video, you can increase the average time spent on your website and reduce bounce rates. This increased engagement not only improves your chances of converting visitors into customers but also sends positive signals to search engines, further improving your website's ranking.

4. Effective Communication of Complex Ideas

If your business offers a complex product or service, explaining it to potential customers can be challenging. This is where explainer videos shine. By breaking down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand visuals and narration, you can effectively communicate your message and eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding. This helps potential customers grasp the value and benefits of your offerings, leading to increased trust and higher conversion rates.

5. Better Brand Recognition and Recall

An explainer video is an excellent tool for establishing and enhancing your brand identity. Through strategic storytelling, visual elements, and consistent brand messaging, you can create a memorable and recognizable brand image. When customers are searching for solutions in your industry, a well-crafted explainer video can help them recall your brand and differentiate you from competitors.


An explainer video is a powerful asset that can take your business to new heights. By incorporating an engaging and informative video into your website, you can convey your message effectively, increase conversions, boost SEO efforts, and enhance brand recognition. Trust Hound-Studio, the expert in video/film production for the arts & entertainment industry, to create a compelling explainer video that helps you stand out from the competition. Get in touch with Hound-Studio today and take the first step towards driving business success!